Can someone really predict the future? Is it worth trying? 

Behind all the smoke and mirrors, the magic 8 balls seem to be wrong quite a lot of the time, and if magic’s off the table, then what’s left? Maybe you can look at recent events and predict their outcome. Maybe you’re good at record keeping and have a few lucky guesses now and then. That’s what most businesses rely on. They predict next month’s sales based on the numbers sold at that time last year.

That information is valuable. There’s no arguing that. It fuels a traditional use of CMMS, but it’s not the best predictor of your facility’s future. With the Origin Solution, we bring “managing forward” to the table.

It’s just what it sounds like. Our solution will leverage your historical CMMS data to predict the future. Stop relying on crystal balls and start looking at the numbers. We look at your facility’s preventative maintenance and unscheduled repairs as key factors into the predictive process, but our results are only as good as your records.

So be honest, how would you answer the following four questions?

  1. Do you have a functional CMMS system at your facility?
  2. Do you have defined data standards for your assets, and do you have an accurate inventory of those assets?
  3. Are you using the system to record individual asset work activity?
  4. Do you have accurate records of your preventative maintenance performance and can you separate those from unscheduled repair work orders?

If you answered yes to all of the above, then congratulations! Pat yourself on the back, because you’re in the happy minority of healthcare facilities. Most don’t achieve these items on a regular basis. If you answered no, then we can help. It’s possible to take your facility from reactive and chaotic to methodical and organized.

It’s time to stop looking to the past, and get the most out of your CMMS data with the Origin Solution. We can help you leverage your data and get to the next level of predictive maintenance.

Contact us now for help in establishing your CMMS baseline.