As a Facility Manager, it Can Be Difficult to Monitor All the Different Parts of Your Building or Campus.

If you’re looking only at the tactical details in a spreadsheet, then it’s hard to see the big picture. If you’re thinking only about the strategic long-term, then you’re missing what needs to happen this week and this month. It’s a difficult balance to strike.

At FHI, we recognize that Facility Managers need a way to see everything at once. Individual asset performance details, consolidated perspectives for zones, floors, buildings and campuses and budget details for all of the above. Facility Managers today need a comprehensive dashboard of facility performance, and we have created that solution. It is called Origin. And using this technology platform, you can:

  • Analyze the real-time status of asset and facility health

  • Rank and prioritize facility needs

  • Optimize preventative maintenance investment

  • Calculate risk, condition, and anticipated failure of assets

  • Provide supporting data for budgeting needs

  • Model investment portfolios and assess facility health impact

  • Store information and records related to inspection, testing, and maintenance

  • Demonstrate and document AEM program performance

Origin™ is the technology. The Facility Health Index is the engine. The Dynamic Facility Condition Assessment is the result. You can see and manage both the tactical details and the strategic direction of your facility on one common dashboard. You wouldn’t fly a plane without instrumentation, so don’t manage your facility without the information you need.