The Facility Health Index™ is a ranking and prioritization service that assembles and distills detailed information from a Facility Condition Assessment into an aggregate score. Unlike the traditional Facility Condition Index (FCI), which represents a static score based upon a one-time assessment, the Facility Health Index™ is created using a proprietary formula which includes both preventative maintenance performance and unscheduled repairs, as well as the detailed information from the Facility Condition Assessment to represent the condition of each asset.

Facility Health Index™ and the Origin Solution

By utilizing Origin’s unique ability to pull live data from a customer’s existing CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) database, the Facility Health Index™ represents a real-time condition score at the individual asset level, as well as through any series of aggregate levels, including area, zone, floor, building and any other user defined level.

The Facility Health Index™ also involves risk assessment and risk ranking as related to facility assets and the remaining useful life of those assets.


  • Scalability

  •  Facility Health Index™ vs. Facility Condition Index

  • Connection to CMMS

  • Forecasting Useful Life

  • Developed by Industry Professionals


  • Asset Based – Allows Customer to Prioritize by Assets Instead of Buildings

  • Repair or Replace an Asset Prior to Failure

  • Dynamic vs. Static Database

  • Driven by Identified Needs and Areas of Improvement

Watch Our Video About the Facility Health Index™. It’s Like a Smart Watch for Your Facility.