Facility Managers need up-to-date information to support maintenance schedules and budget plans.

Paper reports are a thing of the past! A dynamic Facility Condition Assessment is a living, up-to-date, technological way for a Facility Manager to monitor the useful life of assets.

With a dynamic assessment, you can know the current condition of your facility with information at your fingertips. No need to dig through paperwork or spend hours preparing a report! Unlike a traditional Facility Condition Assessment that’s out of date as soon as it’s completed, at Facility Health Inc., we use our proprietary algorithms to begin dynamically tracking and updating the “health” of your facility from day one and make it easily available in our easy-to-use cloud based platform. Why is this important? Simultaneous data allows the Facility Manager to help with management decisions and work within a predictive maintenance mode.

A Facility Condition Assessment also includes objective scoring of assets and real-time monitoring of assets to drive long term decision making and capital budgeting.

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