Does the Thought of a Compliance Survey Make the Hair Stand Up on the Back of Your Neck?

Does it seem like you’re always drowning in paperwork, but can never find what you’re looking for? Are notes left incomplete or omitted altogether? And ultimately, are you worried that somewhere, somehow, you won’t be able to find your records of critical inspection, testing, compliance, and maintenance events?

You’re not alone! Traditionally, maintaining manual compliance records can be an unorganized and difficult process with the amount of staff that most facilities have available.

There is an easier way.

We call it the Origin™ Compliance Module. It was developed to provide a single-source repository of information and records related to the inspection, testing, and maintenance requirements of all authorities having jurisdiction. It has:

  • Customizable forms from standard templates that are easy to read and use
  • Electronic signature capturing
  • Automatic date and time stamping
  • Reports that pull information from your CMMS

There’s no paperwork with messy handwriting or missing signatures. There are no reports with a page missing. There’s only accurate information that allows greater visibility and ensures inspections and tests are properly completed in the required timeframe. It simplifies compliance.

So skip the stress and make compliance quick and easy with the Origin™ Compliance Module!

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