Stop Guessing. Stop Wondering. Stop Making Up the Numbers. Securing the Capital You Need is the Most Important Job You Have. Do it With Confidence.

Asking for Money Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

Hope Isn’t Enough

In theory, securing the right amount of capital solves all problems. Think about it. If you don’t have enough money, everything you do as a facility manager is at risk. Maintaining compliance is difficult. Preventative maintenance is hard to do. Energy savings are impossible to find. And reactive maintenance is the only way forward. Run to fail. Without proactive planning and budgeting, you are left in a downward spiral that at times can seem impossible to reverse. Funny how the money is always there AFTER the failure happens. So it’s time to rethink your approach.

When the annual capital planning cycle rolls around, how are you feeling? Are you confident that you’ll get what’s necessary to do your job effectively? Or are you fluffing up the numbers just to stay afloat and hoping for the best? Most importantly, do you have the tools and data you need to understand your needs and secure the right amount of capital for your facility? It’s time to look at a predictive maintenance strategy and Asset Life Cycle Care.

What is the Value of a Failure That Never Happens?

Before making any kind of budget decisions, your CFO needs to understand the value of your facility request. So most often, they ask for an ROI on those requests. Unfortunately, if you need a new air handler, it is impossible to compete with the ROI of a new MRI machine or other more attractive request. If you can build a true return on investment profile that is believable and credible, then do so. But if you can’t, don’t give up!

The traditional ROI, while important to the C-Suite, is not the best measure of value of an infrastructure asset. Those assets are a necessity to facility operation. So, change the conversation to what’s really important: Risk of Inaction. Avoiding emergent repairs. Avoiding unplanned capital expenditures. And avoiding compliance and patient safety concerns. So what really is the value of a failure that doesn’t happen? It is infinite when lives are on the line. Redefine ROI and secure the capital you need.

The ROI Conversation Needs to Make a Fundamental Shift.

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Communicating effectively with the C-Suite requires you to address three basic needs:


Do you have the stats to back up your capital requests?



Can you identify risks and prioritize your data to only ask for what you can handle and what you truly need?



Once you get what you need, can you successfully complete the project and maintain your credibility?

We Can Help.

Don’t guess what will break next. Forget digging out your outdated FCA. Our Dynamic Facility Condition Assessment is the only FCA that provides up-to-date information that is always at your fingertips. Our solution forecasts the useful life of individual assets, and provides proprietary risk rankings to help you accurately prioritize your capital spend.

Ready to Break the Cycle?

If you’re looking for accurate budget projections, and the ability to restore credibility and bridge the gap between the C-Suite and Facility Management, we can help. Our solution was developed “in the trenches” by Facility Managers looking to bring integrity and validity to the capital planning process: