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About Us

It all started with a problem. And that problem is the challenge of proactive facility management. Based on our experience in the engineering of critical environments, and seeing the challenges of maintaining an aging facility in the face of increasing cost pressures and compliance requirements, we knew there had to be a better way. Using the mindset of continuous commissioning as a vision, the ability to perform Facility Condition Assessments as a critical input, and the development of a technology platform to track and report facility performance data and budgetary requirements, we created a solution to the problem. Leveraging our real-world CHFM facility management experience, it is our goal to help facility managers get ahead of the curve, and ultimately improve patient care through predictive investment in the physical environment.

Facility management can be chaotic. We understand that. And furthermore, we know that most times precious resources and capital are tied up in reactive maintenance, fire-fighting, and daily challenge of simply keeping the facility running. We couldn’t find the solution, so we built it.  It’s called Asset Life Cycle Care, and we’re proud to introduce it to you.

And so Facility Health Inc. (FHI) was born. FHI has a strong engineering foundation and the technology to fully leverage that engineering expertise. Our combined software and engineering services solution provides a dynamic analysis of assets that will enable facilities to move from a reactive to a predictive maintenance strategy.

That transition isn’t easy, but it is possible, and we can help. From initial requirements through design, construction and facility management, FHI can provide services to help you with your needs:

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